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In addition to providing integrated and tested BSP's, SDK's and application packages, RidgeRun also offers an array of engineering services.

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Solution development and integration services 
RidgeRun can offer complete solution development. BSP and drivers, applications and firmware as well as server development and web services. We are a total software solution integrator.

We Now Offer Android Development Support!

Application Development 
RidgeRun provides application development services. We can jump start your delivery with one of our rich SDK's or define, develop and test a complete solution for you.

Driver Development 
In addition to our extensive driver offerings, RidgeRun can port or develop a driver for your specific hardware design. Often we have the drivers you need and can port and test it on your hardware layout before final delivery. Occasionally, the hardware is new enough that an entirely new driver needs to be developed. In either case, RidgeRun can provide you with the drivers needed by your product. RidgeRun requires verified hardware and documentation to be able to develop custom drivers for your hardware.

Performance Tuning 
As your product development reaches the "functionality complete" milestone, you may identify performance bottlenecks. RidgeRun can help analyze performance issues and tune the system to achieve the performance needed to make the product successful. RidgeRun requires verified hardware, access to your source software (under NDA), and documentation to be able to analyze and tune your system.

Custom Hardware Porting 
RidgeRun can work with any current Linux kernel system you require. Often, your solution starts by selecting the base kernel and drivers you require, then development libraries are added from open source or third-party providers. RidgeRun engineering team can help port Linux kernels, drivers, open source and even third-party systems (with permission), to the hardware platform of your choice.

Developers SDK Customization 
Our developers SDK includes a fixed number of hours of custom engineering services performed at a RidgeRun facility. The custom engineering hours have a six month term and can be used to tailor the SDK with drivers and performance characteristics your product requires. RidgeRun requires verified hardware and documentation in order to perform some custom engineer services.

If your engineering team is new to embedded Linux, we offer training to provide the information required for the team to become productive quickly. Each training secession is tailored to the questions and needs of the engineering team. The training is hands-on with each participate using a development workstation to verify they have a solid understanding how to develop software using RidgeRun SDK's.

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In addition to providing integrated and tested Linux board support packages, RidgeRun also offers an array of engineering services. 

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