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Turrialba Pre-release

RidgeRun is proud to announce the upcoming stable version of our Linux software development kit (SDK): Turrialba.

In our most recent R&D effort, we have enhanced our professional SDK with new features that will support even faster and more reliable embedded software development based on Linux.

Faster - We've added support to use ccache (http://ccache.samba.org/) to speed up recompilations, cutting almost in half our SDK's total build time. Our SDK is also capable of sharing efficiently proprietary software installations (like TI's DVSDK and EZSDK) between several SDK's in one computer.

More Realiable - The SDK is now under Continuous Integration control, based on the buildbot tool (http://trac.buildbot.net/). RidgeRun engineers now make sustained and secure progress when adding new features and solving defects.

Updated - Like everything in the embedded software field, our SDK is in a continuous update process. Turrialba will support both Gstreamer 0.10 and the new Gstreamer 1.x series. We already started developing hardware accelerated plugins based on Gstreamer 1.0, and more development is expected to be funded in the upcoming months.

Multi-platform - Turrialba will be available for TI's DM36x, DM3730, and DM8168 SoCs.

More apps - Porting apps into our SDK is our business, but perhaps the most exciting new app in Turrialba's SDK is Python, along with several python apps. If you are looking for embedded multimedia servers/clients based on Python and Gstreamer, Turrialba is right for you.

Making it available -

As we will continue to update on our official Turrialba release, we are making available an evaluation version for the DM3730 .

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