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Turrialba Pre-release

RidgeRun is proud to announce the upcoming stable version of our Linux software development kit (SDK): Turrialba.

In our most recent R&D effort, we have enhanced our professional SDK with new features that will support even faster and more reliable embedded software development based on Linux.

Faster - We've added support to use ccache (http://ccache.samba.org/) to speed up recompilations,

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DM8168 Dual Capture

Ridgerun modified the V4L2 capture driver to support a dual 1080p@30fps capture solution on both platforms, DM8168-Z3 board and DM8168 evaluation board (EVM) where additional modifications were made to pass the video signals to the VIP1 on the SoC.

Furthermore, in order to take advantage of this and all the powerful features of a multimedia framework as gstreamer, Ridgerun customized the gst-openMax

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GStreamer 1.0 support for DM368

RidgeRun has teamed for Texas Instruments to develop the hardware accelerated DMAI GStreamer plug-in. The DMAI plug-in is used in many shipping products around the world that have been developed over the past several years. With the release of GStreamer 1.0, RidgeRun has the opportunity to get some performance gains that are critical to embedded devices. Specifically the GStreamer 1.0 framework has

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NEW SDK Available: DM3730 Support

RidgeRun is now supporting the Mistral DM3730 based EVM board and the TI Beagle-Bone


CodeSourcery Toolchain 2009q1

Updated kernel version to 2.6.32

Updated DVSDK version to

Updated GStreamer DMAI plugins

Graphics SDK support.

Audio support added

Application to handle video capture previewer and resizer

Support for component, composite and DVI video output

SD recovery support

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DM368 dual resizer dual encoder GStreamer elements

The DM365 / DM368 has a unique hardware resizer. The resizer can accepts a single video frame and performs two independent color space conversions and resizing operations at the same time. The resizer is part of the Image pipe (IPIPE) in the Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS) in the Video Processing Front End (VPFE) and the documentation for the resizer is contained in the VPFE documentation (sprufg8b).

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