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Video Segmenter

GStreamer video segmenter element (independent of processor).
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The Gstreamer Video Segmenter - GstVS is an extension of the conventional GstQTMux element that allows splitting recordings into multiple files constrained by a size and/or a duration. We use the term segmented file to describe a partial recording that was created using this Video Segmenter Technology. These recordings can be audio, video or audio+video. Each segmented file can be viewed independently or a simple host application can recombine them or play the segmented files back to back so the user experiences uninterrupted playback. If the recording contains an encoded video stream, then it is guaranteed that the file will start with a reference frame. All this extra functionality is added without interfering with the normal GstQTMux operation. The Video Segmenter Technology does not drop frames between the files.



More information: https://developer.ridgerun.com/wiki/index.php/Video_segmenter