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RidgeRun provides a fully featured Embedded Linux Software Development Kit for the Texas Instruments DM368 architecture, a member of TI's DaVinci™ product family.

The DM368 is tuned for applications such as digital cameras, IP video cameras, digital photo frames and video baby monitors.

The DM368 processor consists of an integrated video processing subsystem, an MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor (MJCP), an ARM926EJ-S core and peripherals. The corresponding development tool, the DM368 Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM), will help developers quickly and easily create low-cost portable, digital video devices with HD video capability.

RidgeRun has extensive support for the TI DM365 and TI DM368 based hardware platforms.  We are specialists in GStreamer, an open-source multimedia framework for Linux.   We have developed and contributed GStreamer prlug-in's for these TI chip based platforms which will leverage the hardware accelerators and DVSDK components from TI. 

We support encoding and decoding based on all TI provided CODEC's for the TI DM368 chipset.  In addition, RidgeRun has made special plug-in enhancements to the TI provided DMAI framework to support:

  • Zero memory copy piplines
  • Fast forward and Reverse processing
  • Pause

In addition, RidgeRun has developed significant add-ons which allow for image capture inside a video stream, video stabilization, auto-exposure / auto white balance, video overlays and a number of additional capabilities.


  • U-boot 2010.06 bootloader
  • Linux kernel 2.6.32 + Real Time patches
  • GCC 4.2.4,EABI, glibc
  • DVSDK 3.1 integration
  • GStreamer version 0.1
  • GStreamer accelerated plugin's based on the RidgeRun provided DDompe branch
  • Open Source drivers:
  • UART, Ethernet, MTD (NAND and NOR flash), GPIO, DMA, V4L2, watchdog timer,
  • Real time clock, USB host, USB gadget, VPBE framebuffer, ALSA audio, I2C, SPI, MMC/SD
  • Example program to set IPIPE exposure and white balance values
  • ARM® side audio codecs available
  • MJCP codecs available
  • Many open source applications available


  • Gstreamer
  • GST-DMAI-Plugins





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